Friday, July 14, 2017

Healing for the Heart

Heartache.. Yes indeed, can be one of the most distressing physical and emotional pain we will ever experience and sadly we will all suffer from it at some point in our lives. Rather it occurs when someone we love chooses to leave us, a loved one passes away or something unexpected shatters our future plans. That piercing ache begins to consume our bodies and can seem unendurable. We may even feel as if we will never be happy again. When our hearts are broken everything is out of sorts.

 There is no amount of pain that feels so agonizing. The sensation of a giant size hole has been left in the center of our chest which leaves you feeling empty and hopeless.
We cry, scream and isolate ourselves from others as we try to deal with and make sense of the pain. Hoping and praying it goes away as quickly as possible.

There are certain things in life that can't be taught. We must walk them out for ourselves. And the trials and tribulations of life are these things. When we are faced with a troublesome situation that seems unbearable and overwhelming, it can seem as though we may never see the beauty of a sunrise again. Our days become long and gloomy, darkened by the emotional stress we are encountering and our thoughts become clouded with confusion.  Our lives as we have known it, seem turned upside down and out of control. It's a pain that wrecks havoc on our souls.

But in the midst of this grief, there is hope. A hope that eases the pain. There are sweet words that will speak directly to our hearts and soul and lighten the burden.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Healing will begin to take place when we yield our hearts to God. I know this sounds so simple and cliche but it's the truth. Oh. I had my doubts as well many years ago., thinking He was a distant God that only looked down from heaven as he sat on a throne. But that truly is a myth, we've been taught to believe. He's not far off in an untouchable place, He's near and he's a Father that shows Himself to be kind, loving, great and oh so very faithful in all areas of our lives, even in our deepest pain.
The comfort God has supplied in the darkest days of my life has brought a peace that surpassed all my understanding and enabled me to take those necessary steps towards healing. No, it wasn't easy but it became possible!

So how do we get over a broken heart?
Take heart, we will get through it.
We can talk to someone who cares and will listen.
We must allow ourselves to be human and feel the pain.
We can take our broken heart to God, He would love to mend it.
Give yourselves time to heal and learn lessons from the experience.

Let's be real, life doesn't always turn out exactly how we expect it to! We will definitely be thrown some curveballs but take heart, my beloved, when we make the decision to heal from those hurts and put into action that decision, the Lord will meet us right there with his embracing grace and wholeness.

You will not walk alone!


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